40% Welcome Bonus


40% Welcome Bonus

– You should have a TruvaFx Actual Account to be eligible for this offer

– 40% Welcome Bonus can be used to raise the margin in forex transactions, and cannot be withdrawn. However, you can withdraw the profit you make using the bonus. In case of stop out after the bonus is transferred to the account;
For instance, if a trader who deposits $1000 and receives a bonus of $400 reaches the stop out level, and if their account's balance is $400 or below, this amount is deducted from the investor's account.

– A trader may withdraw their profit within 30 business days with the principal and the bonus being left in the account. Even if they are in profit or in loss, the trader is entitled to abandon the special offer and withdraw their money.

– The minimum amount of first funding is $100 or its equivalent in TRY.

– The maximum amount of welcome bonus available to claim is $5,000. 5.000 Is USD.

– If a trader is found to perform violate the rules (e.g. creating another account, etc.) or cheat, their account is banned.

– TruvaFx reserves the right to change the conditions of the promotion or terminate it entirely.