35% Account Transfer Bonus


35% Account Transfer Bonus

Who are eligible?
Any customer who maintains an account with one of the global affiliates of TruvaFx is eligible for this promotion.

What are the promotion conditions?

Account Transfer Promotion is equal to 35% of the amount of equity on the active forex account to be transferred from another broker to TruvaFx, and any trader transferring their account to TruvaFx is eligible only once.

Simply contact our Live Support Line on the official website of TruvaFx to sign up for the promotion.

TruvaFx reserves the right to modify the terms of the promotion or terminate it entirely. It is the trader's responsibility to observe the updated rules of any promotional offer.

If a trader is found to violate the rules or cheat, their TruvaFx membership will be terminated without any excuse.

Any promotion at TruvaFx is calculated automatically by the system, and manual operations are not allowed. This eliminates the possibility of defective operations.

The maximum amount of bonus available for claiming is $5,000. 5.000 dollars

How can I claim the promotion?

Once you have an actual account and fulfill the requirements, the bonuses you would like to claim will be presented while you perform a transaction on the user panel. You can make a choice on the user panel to claim your promotion automatically.